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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Fugitive Friday: High Risk Sex Offender Flees Probation in Arizona Last Seen in West Seattle

CURRENT PHOTO OF THOMAS ROCKAFELLOW HE IS A KNOWN METH ADDICT, USES NEEDLES, SO APPROACH WITH CAUTION Court paperwork says Rockafellow is a high-risk level three sex offender Hello resident's of West Seattle! I have had this blogsite and online magazine with over 9 million views since 2012. My main blog is Grunge StoryTellers. I have been working on other businesss ventures, and have noit been in a writing mood so I have literally not written on here for almost 9 years. I tried to share this information with West Seattle Blog, but apparently this wasn't important enough that they felt it the community deserved to know about it. In fact THEY and their determination to control the narrative, are what inspired me to start up the old blogsite again. So, watch out because we are BACK! That all being said, , I do not want this to be a reacurring theme on our beautiful blogsite & online magazine. This is important though so here it goes. Also, please excuse any typo's etc blogger tempelate has changed and I'm going have to get used to it's new format. So it's come to our attention that this person has been parked in his Rv for month's next to Salty's and is involved in the alleged theft ( I say alleged to be fair, however we have received videos of him and several other people with what looks to be over 30 expensive electric bicycles in their possession. All in various states of being repainted etc. The couple seen with him taking apart the bikes drive a dark green RAV 4 It was only after a writer on this site informed us about his interaction with the group and what he went through trying to get his bicycle back, did we even learn his real legal last name, as the license plates on the RV which turns out are STOLEN. Chances are he is someplace withim driving distance to the folks in the green RAV 4, as they are " business partners " in the selling of lithium batteries that they bust out of rental bikes and scooters. This is on some of the video we are in possession of.
RV WITH TOM'S MOM WHO'S FACE HAS BEEN COVERED OUT OF RESPECT The stolen plates were taken off a Honda. ( DMV confirmed that car was reported to have had it's Wash pates stolen ) If you see this person or a dark green dilapidaded RAV 4 ( Wash plates on the RV are also apparently stole, please message us at email on botton for plate numbers ) The driver of the RAV 4 -we know his full name, but since he is not wanted we are leaving his name out of this story, for now. Please note that the RV, which ironically is the exact same RV they use in Breaking Bad, a late 80's BOUNDER, has not been seen at Salty's for a few weeks. Tom has connections to Olympia, Wash. Chelan where his son lives, he has a sister who lives in Wash state as well. His mom has since passed away. She is mentioned in the below section which is via ABC affiliate out if Arizona.
RV WHEN IT WAS PARKED NEXT TO SALTY'S ON HARBBOR The story reads: Wanted: Thomas Wayne Rockafellow Charges: Probation violation on an original charge of failure to register as a sex offender. Thomas Wayne Rockafellow was convicted in California in 1997 of exhibiting a minor for pornography. He was sentenced to three years in prison and given lifetime probation. He came to Arizona in 2012, but after his initial sex offender registration, he failed to update his address after moving. Last year, he was caught, convicted and sentenced for failure to register as a sex offender. He was sentenced to 6 monMCSO says a jail conversation Rockafellow had with his mother indicated his intention to flee upon his release from jail. Rockafellow is 55 years old. He stands 5' 10” and weighs 160 pounds. He has greying brown hair and blue eyes. If you know anything about his whereabouts, please contact Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS. You can also contact Crimestoppers online at Crime Stoppers USA ALSO PLEASE EMAIL US IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS * HERE IS ORIGINAL STORY. BLOGGER SURE IS A MESS NOW. I WENT TO FIX TYPOS AND ADD LINK TO THE ORIGINAL STORY, AND NOW IF YOU LOOK AT THIS ON A LAPTOP OR HOIME PC IT HAS THIS OVERLAP SAYING AWESOME INC THEME. WEIRD! IT'S OVER THE PAGE VIEW SECTION WHICH BY THE WAY EVER SINCE i POSTED THIS THIS PAGE HAS HAD OVER 300 VIEWS. THAT MAKES ME HAPPY! YOU WILL HAVE TO COPY PASTE THIS :

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Halloween Pop Up TODAY on Alki Beach Hosted by Seattle Candy Company! With Free Candy for All!


Seattle Candy Comes to the rescue this year! 

They say it's not safe to trick-or-treat?! While this may be correct, visiting our FREE pop up this year is as safe as going to a store to get candy! 

We also will be selling a few special holiday inspired items, and while we do take cash, please bring 1.00 bills and change, and of course we take credit and debit. 

 We also sell items on our website which you can go to HERE

    please note that our website is changing platforms so our future domain that we own, will be live by Halloween but likely not before. I am rebuilding the site. So please email us at ) 

I don't know about you, but missing the state fair this year really made me crave candy apples and caramel apples 

Decadent yet simple, we will have a few iems to DIE FOR! And a lot of regular candy to give away! 

We will be setting up 1-3 tents next to the Statue of Liberty on Halloween from 2 p.m. until 9 p.m. for more info or to ask any questions email me at 


Friday, July 24, 2020

Need to Vent? Why Not Vent on Your Very Own Blog!

So easy a monkey could do it! And free too! Let me get my breakfast going and I'll be right back to write this easy how to use blogger!

 Keep your friends by venting on a blog instead of spilling out every single thought on your social media accounts. Trust us! Your as exhausting to your friends as you seem to feel, if that makes any sense. Doesn't matter, this is YOUR blog! You can write whatever you want. If this freedom is not appealing to you, maybe you really are a troll just out to upset people. It is something you should consider. 

Okay, breakfast now, finish my blog later. 

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Businesses We Regret to Predict Are on Their Way Out Due to Covid-19

You know what I am the most bugged about? Why were small clothing stores ever closed? There was never a good reason. We may still lose a few clothing  stores in West Seattle - where I live - and we've already lost a few. 

Here are my predictions so far as to businesses that will probably not survive the Covid pandemic. 

1. Bars. When I think of scenes from all my favorite movies, memories from my own life, and think of how many people bars employ... this really makes me sad. 

2. Restaurants. While I hope I am wrong about this but honestly, I have to say I agree with most of what the news is saying:  a lot of restaurants may not make it through this or the next virus which could soon follow. This, while sad, may not be such a bad thing. There really are too many restaurants and not enough food trucks! 

I think we need to get some new laws going too, that make the fees for parking a food truck less, open up the waterfront in Seattle, and Alki Beach for food trucks. The laws saying they can't park there are vague as to why. I figured it was about the seagulls and seals, but it's supposedly about protecting local businesses. Well, I argue that the local businesses are failing on their own. There's a HUGE parking lot -the boat launch facing the skyline of Seattle, and as of now the restaurant Marination is the only restaurant that benefits from it. If food trucks came up with a real plan and were held liable to pick up all trash and created a rotating schedule of say 2-3 trucks during the week and 6-8 on weekends, well what would that hurt? Depending on the Covid, it may be too hard to do that many if it attracts crowds but again, that parking lot is HUGE! 

Don't get me started on Salty's. Their manager pretty much begged me to take my review down. They are so overpriced and their food is so mediocre, why not let some food trucks share the wealth? 

Then we have Duke's who just got shut down over a rash of Covid cases. They have ONE thing that I love on their menu, and I actually made it myself from memory of taste. It's mussels in a hot sauce with sourdough bread. Let's not forget about the 2-3 restaurant spaces that can't manage to stay open for more than a few months. The bars down there are on borrowed time. So again, why not allow at least a few food trucks down there? I will be actively looking into this.

3. House Cleaning Businesses. Now hear me out, because I used to own one. People do not need help cleaning their house if their kids are home and their husbands are working at home. If this pandemic gets worse, and kids are kept home, maybe it's time to get the kids on board with helping more around the house. And if I may be so blunt, many of the local  cleaning businesses hire or are Mexican and Hispanic. They are very high risk for Covid. I would not want to take that risk until we know more about this virus. Is it really worth it just so you don't have to clean your own toilet? 

4. Cruise Ship Industry. I don't pretend to know about every business, and I have never been on a cruise, but here is an interesting article about it... it reads "Thomas Gilbert, an economics professor at the University of Washington, said our saving grace in Western Washington is the tech industry, which provides thousands to earn a good, steady paycheck and work remotely. However, he says so many other industries have been financially ruined by this crisis and may never return." Gilbert said he is hopeful that many restaurants will weather the crisis; other experts say a large percentage of restaurants will close permanently. 

He said he believes COVID-19 is a death sentence for retail. "This (sector) was already on a down slide from the past decade, and this crisis is the last nail in the coffin," he said. "I think standard malls, I'm thinking Northgate Mall and so on, (it) is over." Other industries that will struggle include cruise ship companies. "I think in Seattle, the cruise ship industry is not coming back (with) the disaster stories we’ve heard unfortunately about cruises," Gilbert said. "People are not going to go back on cruises." Read more HERE
5. Big retail stores. I'm talking about Macy's and the like. This is no big news. Luckily for those of us that love certain brands, we will always have online stores to shop at. Still, during Christmas, we will all surely miss shopping at Macy's, Bloomingdale's, and all the other stores we all love to visit during the  holidays.  Many other small businesses as well will close over the virus. The Washington Post published this in May. That was before the numbers skyrocketed in June and July.

I guess we can say goodbye to parades as well

It reads "Tearful, heartfelt announcements about small-business closures are popping up on websites and Facebook pages around the country. Analysts warn this is only the beginning of the worst wave of small-business bankruptcies and closures since the Great Depression. It’s simply not possible for small businesses to survive with no income coming in for weeks followed by reopening at half capacity, many owners say. Read more HERE.  

Live music/event ticketing companies are hanging on by a thread. I found a pretty good article on Billboard, however their website SUCKS! I LOATHE websites with SO many ads that you can't even read the damn article! 
Lastly, and most importantly, it's predicted that 40% of black owned businesses will not make it. Think about that. African Americans are high risk for Covid-19 AND losing their businesses. Think of that $1200.00 they gave "everyone" in the stimulus package, is that not precisely the cost for 1 person to get cremated?
Remember to think for yourself 

Read more about all the black owned businesses that are closing HERE

What can YOU do to help?  Here is a directory of over 100 Black-owned businesses you can support in seven different categories:  beauty brands, bookstores, clothing and accessories, food and drink, fitness, home d├ęcor, and gift shops and beyond. 
Buy this t-shirt to support our non-profit 
Shine Music Project through SMILE 
Amazons Affiliate Program 

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Friday, May 10, 2019

Back Bar Flea Market at Seattle's Historic Crocodile Cafe Happening Today! May 10th 2019! 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Dan Infecto's Pop Culture inspired t -shirts 

Come on down to The Croc's Back Bar Flea Market today at 4 p.m till 8 p.m! 

ECO ETIKIT sells original crafts at The Croc's Back Bar Flea Market 

I remember being a kid inn the 70's in New Mexico. My mom was an art student at New Mexico State University and all her friends would have yard sales almost every weekend. There would be food, and music and lots and lots of original art and " hippie stuff " being sold. 

These days, you have to go on Etsy to find authentic hippie stuff, unless your fortunate enough to be part of  a city's community of " bar flea markets " like the one at Seattle's Historic Crocodile Cafe. 

Custom Converse by Xana at Raison D'etre on 
Shine Music Magazine -today at The Croc's Back 
Bar Flea Market 

What a great idea that The Croc had to open it's doors early to offer artist a chance to sell their stuff and us lovers of art a chance to shop and see it all in person! There are just some things you can't buy online. It's so much more fun to be able to touch and smell candles, try on clothes & jewelry, and most of all spend time with friends shopping. 

Buy this Rare Tiger siren like the one on Pee Wee Herman's bike today at The Croc!

Gas Works Park inspired soy candles 

Join us at 4 p.m today!

This is an all ages event
 Bar open ( with I.D. ) 

Live Music by Ruby Tuesday 

This is a FREE event 

Saturday, June 30, 2018

See Walking Papers Tonight at Plunge Music Festival at Seattle's Historic Triple Door Theater with The High Children, Trio Abaraka , 12 Foot Breed & Paul Filinson

About Walking Papers

I've been writing about and promoting Walking Papers for so log, that my original blog on them now has what is called ' link rot ' which is when the photos or other visual content of your article disappears. I thought just now as I was about to connect the link to this " Well this is embarrassing " but now that I think about it, what it really means is that they have had these past few years to grow, evolve and change, and they have in so many ways, and in all that time their audience has grown as well. 

Monday, April 2, 2018

My Night with Evel Knievel "I Can't Believe That Happened" Stories on Xanaland

When people already think you're crazy and a ho, then why hold back a gem of a story like this one!? And don't worry, Mickey Rourke and the much wondered about "Weird Al story," well those are next! 


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