Friday, May 10, 2019

Back Bar Flea Market at Seattle's Historic Crocodile Cafe Happening Today! May 10th 2019! 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Dan Infecto's Pop Culture inspired t -shirts 

Come on down to The Croc's Back Bar Flea Market today at 4 p.m till 8 p.m! 

ECO ETIKIT sells original crafts at The Croc's Back Bar Flea Market 

I remember being a kid inn the 70's in New Mexico. My mom was an art student at New Mexico State University and all her friends would have yard sales almost every weekend. There would be food, and music and lots and lots of original art and " hippie stuff " being sold. 

These days, you have to go on Etsy to find authentic hippie stuff, unless your fortunate enough to be part of  a city's community of " bar flea markets " like the one at Seattle's Historic Crocodile Cafe. 

Custom Converse by Xana at Raison D'etre on 
Shine Music Magazine -today at The Croc's Back 
Bar Flea Market 

What a great idea that The Croc had to open it's doors early to offer artist a chance to sell their stuff and us lovers of art a chance to shop and see it all in person! There are just some things you can't buy online. It's so much more fun to be able to touch and smell candles, try on clothes & jewelry, and most of all spend time with friends shopping. 

Buy this Rare Tiger siren like the one on Pee Wee Herman's bike today at The Croc!

Gas Works Park inspired soy candles 

Join us at 4 p.m today!

This is an all ages event
 Bar open ( with I.D. ) 

Live Music by Ruby Tuesday 

This is a FREE event 

Saturday, June 30, 2018

See Walking Papers Tonight at Plunge Music Festival at Seattle's Historic Triple Door Theater with The High Children, Trio Abaraka , 12 Foot Breed & Paul Filinson

About Walking Papers

I've been writing about and promoting Walking Papers for so log, that my original blog on them now has what is called ' link rot ' which is when the photos or other visual content of your article disappears. I thought just now as I was about to connect the link to this " Well this is embarrassing " but now that I think about it, what it really means is that they have had these past few years to grow, evolve and change, and they have in so many ways, and in all that time their audience has grown as well. 

Monday, April 2, 2018

My Night with Evel Knievel "I Can't Believe That Happened" Stories on Xanaland

When people already think you're crazy and a ho, then why hold back a gem of a story like this one!? And don't worry, Mickey Rourke and the much wondered about "Weird Al story," well those are next! 


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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Happy New Year from Beautiful Seattle! A Collection of Our Best of Photographs & Live Music Videos from 2017

Photo by Xana La Fuente 
C @ 

I normally put together a video of all of my favorite photos of  friends and people at shows, which I will do again very soon-for now I wanted to share a few memorable photos and live videos to remind people why I ask them to subscribe to the blogs and to OUR YouTube channel. I may not be Nancy Guppy and have my own show and crew, I'm only one girl with a 5 year old camera, but I think I do okay!  Thank you to our subscribers as we celebrate over 6 million combined views going into 2018~ Enjoy and Happy New Year 

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Happy Holidays from Seattle!

I took this photo of the Space Needle at about 6 a.m. a few years ago from upper Alki Beach in West Seattle. At the time, I was not living on Alki Beach. This will be my 6th Christmas in West Seattle and my second living on Alki. I could not be more grateful for all the friends and followers of Xanaland that help me afford to live in one of the most beautiful areas on this Earth. I wish all my friends and family lived here! 

My dad finally got to see this view last Christmas last year, the same day my daughter gave birth to a beautiful little girl. I think were pretty close to convincing him to move here. My mom lives in Mukilteo, another beautiful little spot, and my sisters and brother who live here are thriving and doing great things in their life. Having kids of their own, and all have graduated from college. 

Her name is Aloha Nani, and I am amazed at what a good 
mom and dad my daughter and her husband have become at such a young age. She's a happy baby, always smiling and giggling, I think I have only heard her cry once for a few seconds! 

Here she is a few days ago on Thanksgiving Day. 

I wish every friend, family person, and follower on Xanaland a safe and peaceful holiday season! Every day I am in awe of the love I receive from people near and far. It really goes to show you that dreams do come true! 

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from your friends at Xanaland! 

Monday, September 18, 2017

How Cool is QOTSA New Interactive Viewfinder?!

Once again Josh Homme tickles that childlike fancy at the same time as he brings the dark sexy to rock. Oh Josh, why didn't I meet you 20 years ago!? Oh who am I fooling, I would have ruined that man's life! But still, one can dream of the Red Headed Elvis, can they not? 

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Villian's is Queens of the Stone Age new album  

Click HERE to buy it now on Amazon through our SMILE affiliate program which ALL proceeds go straight to Shine Music Project 

Friday, July 28, 2017

Celebrate Layne Staley's Birthday with Sky Lantern's & A Beach Bon Fire on Alki Beach This Summer ~Sunset August 20th 2017

One thing that has become clear over the years, is that the traditions surrounding the yearly celebration of Layne's life and music have attracted friends, fans, and family from near and far. Not everyone is able to make it to the Seattle Center Fountain and meet up with the others who have carried on this tradition for many years. So this year, a few of us have decided to meet at Alki Beach on this coming Sunday the 20th. This will be the last day many of the people that come every year are here, and since the shows tend to be hectic, this will also be a more quiet peaceful reflective time for people to sit and talk and say goodbyes to each other as well, since many people coming to Seattle this weekend will not be back until next August. 

Seeing these go up in the air and being joined by our love of Layne's contribution to music will also give us time together that some of us have not had, to have a moment of prayer for Chris Cornell.

I will be bringing some air lanterns, and you are welcome to bring some too, to light up for anyone you have lost or want to remember on this day. 

Last year we did this, and didn't really organize it or invite the public, so I figured we could try to make it more open this year. I am open to changing the time and date as well, seeing as how the fountain event and other shows are all very special to so many people. Contact me via email to let me know if you are coming and I will post any updates about the time and date here. 

UPDATE~ We will be meeting at 8 p.m at 52rd and Alki Beach Blvd. across from Xana's. Bring your geetar if you like. We will be bringing a fire pit and wood and the sky lanterns. 

Email Xana @ for any other questions or directions. 

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Awesome, right?! Look! You can buy your Sky Lanterns here on Amazon!