Thursday, October 9, 2014

Celebrate John Lennon's Birthday Tonight at Columbia City Theater for " Come Together for the Planet 2 " with an Amazing Line-Up and Art Auction for Climate Solutions with Lennon Music Performed Kathy Moore, R.L. Heyer and Many More!

When you look at iconic images like this one of John Lennon, on a day like today -- his birthday -- and also another day in American history where we are no closer to having peace in the world than we were in 1969, it tends to hit home and the spirit of John, and all the music he created alone and with The Beatles, asks you to ask yourself, "How have I made a difference? Can I do more?" 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Seattle Super Group Jams at Joel & Amy's Wedding! A Little Story About Love, Friendship & Rock-and Roll

Presenting Joel & Amy Eggert

You know you're at a rock and roll wedding in Seattle when legendary musicians start walking in like Mother Love Bone's Greg Gilmore and the wedding band consists of Kathy Moore, Gary Westlake, Kim Virant and Chris Friel -- all music legends in their own right. This is one union that definitely has a strong support system of colorful & interesting friends and tight-knit families that were clearly meant to become one large awesome family. So to get the extra support and love from some of Seattle's best musicians was just icing on the cake! 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Chris Cornell and Tom Morello Set El Corazon on Fire! Here's The Whole Enchilada!

Chris Cornell and Tom Morello on stage at Seattle's El Corazon 

You all came here to get the big story, maybe expecting an open letter to The Mustache or even a Dr. Seuss-inspired poem about him (maybe for Christmas).  But you -- much like The Beatles, were wrong! I did, however, include my New Mexico Hatch green and red chili enchilada recipe just for kicks! 

 Chris Cornell joined forces with Tom Morello last Friday night at El Corazon in support of Seattle's 15 Now campaign. Here is a half ass monkey's view of the show, artistically pieced together for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy... and All Hail The Mustache!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Medieval Book Historian Erik Kwakkel Discovers and Catalogs 800-Year-Old Doodles in Some of the World’s Oldest Books

Medieval Book Historian Erik Kwakkel Discovers and Catalogs 800 Year Old Doodles in Some of the Worlds Oldest Books history books
Doodle by bored medieval school boy. A 15th-century doodle in the lower margin of a manuscript containing Juvenal’s Satires, a popular classical text used to teach young children about morals. Photo: Carpentras, Bibliothèque municipale, MS 368.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Watch The Mothership via Free Live Stream Tonight!

Last week Seattle hit another high note with a  sold out show at The Croc. for Walking Papers  and The Mothership. It was quite spectacular! To conclude this summer of amazing music and rounding off the last weekend of September, we are thrilled to have another night with The Mothership at The High Dive in Seattle's historic Fremont neighborhood. Think of it this way, would you pass up a chance to see Alice in Chains back in the day? Of course not! Would you have ever said, "Meh, maybe I'll go" to a Nirvana show back in 1988? Hell no! So why miss this? One of the best bands to come out of Seattle in the last 20 years -- if you're out of town, you can tune in to our Free Live Stream on our Live Performance Page right here on Xanaland. 

Although we plan on getting as much video as we can of the other bands -- Mercury Tree, Metameric, and Dead End Friend -- we are only committing to live streaming The Mothership due to power issues. 

Special thanks to Streambox for providing our non-profit Shine Music Project with free 
web casting so that everyone can enjoy
live music!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Watch Walking Papers & The Mothership via Free Live Stream From The Crocodile Cafe! September 19th

Jefferson Angell of Walking Papers 

The two most charismatic and dynamic frontmen of Seattle rock on the same stage in one night! This is really going to be something! This show IS sold out folks -- sorry about that, but Shine Music Project, our non-profit that aids in getting instruments for kids -- is happy to provide a free live stream for this event that anyone can watch on a computer or smart phone. Simply click HERE to get to our 'Live Performance' page. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Watch Intisaar Jubran & Johndus Beckman via Free Live Stream Tonight~Wednesday September 10th~ at Seattle's Crocodile Cafe

Also known simply as 'Tess,' and lovingly nicknamed Lambchop here on Xanaland, Intisaar Jubran's acoustic shows are like being in a very mystical place somewhere very far form Seattle, almost into another time period -- and with her on cello is Natalie Mai Hall who also adds to the nostalgic feeling her music and singing bring. 

Intisaar Jubran and Natalie Hall this summer at 
The High Dive. Photo by Mandy Sue

But we do love our shenanigans here in Seattle too, so added to the lineup is Johndus Beckman of The Mothership,who never disappoints when it comes to adding humor and incredible energy to a live acoustic show. He simply opens his mouth. Lucky little monkey. 

Listen to John Beckman solo music!

Also performing is Alex Guy, who's performed with the Seattle Rock Orchestra -- a new face in the crowd that we're all looking forward to checking out

This is an all ages show at The Crocodile's back bar and cost is a measly $5.00! 

For those out of town, please tune into our FREE live webcast of the show right here on Xanaland's Live Performance Page 

Live Stream provided for Shine Music Project by Streambox