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Monday, May 27, 2013

Who The Hell Is Sancho?

"And then I told myself, why should I be the monkey when I can be the big bird behind the monkey?" 

The funny thing is, not a lot of people who know me ask this question. I think it's a given that anyone with a history of addiction has had "a monkey on their back," so no big mystery there, but it gets more complicated....

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Johnny Depp! And Some Very Interesting News To Go With!

Johnny Depp has found his long lost twin...well, kinda.
A scientist discovered a unique, half-billion-year-old fossil and named it Kooteninchela deppi after the actor, because of its scissor-like claws, which reminded the researcher of Depp's famous 1990 character, Edward Scissorhands.
"When I first saw the pair of isolated claws in the fossil records of this species, I could not help but think of Edward Scissorhands," David Legg said on the website of London's Imperial College
"Even the genus name, Kootenichela, includes the reference to this film, as 'chela' is Latin for claws or scissors."
But that's not the only reason Legg chose that specific name for the 505-million-year-old fossil, "In truth, I am also a bit of a Depp fan," he admits, "and so what better way to honor the man than to immortalize him as an ancient creature that once roamed the sea?"
Kooteninchela deppi is a distant ancestor of lobsters and scorpions, along with spiders, centipedes, millipedes and crabs.
"Just imagine it," Legg exclaims, "the prawns covered in mayonnaise in your sandwich, the spider climbing up your wall, and even the fly that has been banging into your window and annoyingly flying into your face are all descendants of Kooteninchela deppi."
Hmm, we'll stick to thinking about Depp, instead.
Here are some funny and clever and downright silly birthday wishes to Johnny we found online! 

I love it!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Rough and Laugh: Music Video For Clammbon Is A Fun Splash of Color

The Japanese musical trio Clammbon, known for their quirky, jazzy, upbeat tunes, released a music video late last year titled “Rough & Laugh.” The music video, illustrated with fantastic bursts of color and abstract shapes flying in and out the screen, is the work of TYMOTE, an 8-member Tokyo-based design studio with the tagline “pirates of design.” The MV was supposed to be a limited offer, airing just during the month of November, at which point it would be vaulted, never to see the light of day again.
But feedback was so enormous that those involved decided to throw it back up on vimeo. So here it is.
The track was originally created for Shirokuma Café, a popular animated series about a polar bear who runs a café. How great is that!?

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Flawed Symmetry of Prediction: A Time Lapse of Optical Illusions in The American West

The Flawed Symmetry of Prediction: A Time Lapse of Optical Illusions in the American West video art timelapse optical illusion
The Flawed Symmetry of Prediction: A Time Lapse of Optical Illusions in the American West video art timelapse optical illusion
The Flawed Symmetry of Prediction: A Time Lapse of Optical Illusions in the American West video art timelapse optical illusion
Flawed Symmetry of Prediction is an outstanding short film by filmmaker Jeff Frost that defies categorization as it ventures into time lapse, street art, and even optical illusion. Via email Jeff tells me:
I roam the deserts of California and Utah looking for abandoned structures. When I find a room that I like, I paint large scale optical illusions on the inside of it. I record this process with time lapse photography. It took me over half a year and more than 40,000 high resolution still images to produce this film on my Canon 60D. Aside from painting supplies, the only other equipment I used was a borrowed tripod, and some pretty unconventional lighting. As post production goes, no graphics or CGI was used whatsoever.
The visuals are absolutely brilliant and the sound design is top notch as well. (via laughing squid)

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Creature Comforts: A Wildlife Surprise In Your Cup of Coffee

Creature Cups: A Wildlife Surprise in your Coffee Cup  tea home cups coffee ceramics
Creature Cups: A Wildlife Surprise in your Coffee Cup  tea home cups coffee ceramics
I love these ceramic creature cups by design group Yumi-Yumi out of Brookyln. At the base of each mug rests an animal that’s slowly revealed as you consume your tasty beverage. Good to the last dripping octopus. (via etsy)

Have You Lost Your Marbles? Seven Incredible Marble Machines By Paul Grundbacher

Seven Incredible Marble Machines by Paul Grundbacher wood toys marbles kinetic sculpture
Swiss designer and artist Paul Grundbacher makes incredible hand-cranked marble machines that he wrote about and filmed for Matthias Wandel’s Woodgears just this weekend. Grundbacher told Woodgears that he works mostly with firewood from a local factory and that he rarely sketches anything beforehand but has the ability to fashion each piece and try it as opposed to carefully measuring things out through any sort of blueprint. All the work here spans 2009-2012 and each piece is a mixture of his own ideas and tricks learned from watching videos of other artists creating similar wooden devices. You can read more about his inspiration and methodology behind each piece right here. (via mefi)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Signed, Sealed, Delivered, He's Yours: Photo of A Mans Head Covered in Postage Stamps

Mr. Stamphead by Paul Ruigrok van der Werven
“Mister Stamphead” is a digitally manipulated photograph of a man’s head covered in stamps by Dutch photographerPaul Ruigrok van der Werven. To see more of van der Werven’s photography and advertising work, check out hisBehance portfolio.
via Neatorama

A Hurricane on Saturn

A Hurricane on Saturn weather space Saturn hurricanes
Photographed in November of 2012 by the Cassini spacecraft narrow-angle camera, this is a photograph of a hurricane nearly 1,250 miles wide on the surface of Saturn. Via NASA:
The spinning vortex of Saturn’s north polar storm resembles a deep red rose of giant proportions surrounded by green foliage in this false-color image from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft. Measurements have sized the eye at a staggering 1,250 miles (2,000 kilometers) across with cloud speeds as fast as 330 miles per hour (150 meters per second).
This image is among the first sunlit views of Saturn’s north pole captured by Cassini’s imaging cameras. When the spacecraft arrived in the Saturnian system in 2004, it was northern winter and the north pole was in darkness. Saturn’s north pole was last imaged under sunlight by NASA’s Voyager 2 in 1981; however, the observation geometry did not allow for detailed views of the poles. Consequently, it is not known how long this newly discovered north-polar hurricane has been active.
The Cassini–Huygens is a robotic spacecraft launched in 1997 for the purpose of studying Saturn. Since arriving in 2004 the orbiter’s mission has been extended twice. It most recently studied the Great White Spot, a massive storm that occurs at roughly 30 year intervals that is so large it can be seen from Earth with a simple telescope. (via this isn’t happiness)

The 25 Funniest People On Twitter and a Joke Fest Kicked Off by Mel Brooks with Judd Apatow

Mel Brooks helped kick off Comedy Central's #Comedyfest – a Twitter-based comedy festival – yesterday with Carl Blazing Saddles, joined the social media network as part of the opening event, during which Brooks and Reiner shared a conversation on comedy moderated by Apatow, and Reiner – who's quite active on Twitter – led Brooks to start his own account.
Reiner and Judd Apatow. Brooks, director of
"It is very close to thrilling," Brooks said of joining Twitter, according to the Atlantic. When asked again by Apatow about tweeting, Brooks said, "Explain what a tweet is." He acknowledged the difficulties in keeping tweets under 140 characters, and mused as he told a joke that he'd have to split it up with multiple posts. "Tweeting is hard," he said. "You've got to squeeze the joke."

Brooks' Twitter account is only one tweet deep, with a post to yesterday's live stream of the panel from the Paley Center for Media in Los Angeles. "P.S. Carl made me do it," reads Brooks' lone tweet. It was the only #Comedyfest event that will have an in-person audience. The festival continues today with Steve Agee's "Vine Party," which will share stories in six-second snippets on the new video-sharing platform, Vine.

* Story Courtesy of Rolling Stone *

' Screengrab ' Will Mess With Your Brain

Screengrab Will Mess with Your Brain video art paper
Filmmaker Willie Witte is currently working on a documentary series for PBS but in his spare time he makes fun experimental films. His latest, SCREENGRAB, was made without the help of computer effects though I can’t quite figure out how. After watching this three times the hemispheres of my brain are the equivalent of cross-eyed. Music by Kevin McAlpine. (viabooooooom)