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Monday, May 27, 2013

Who The Hell Is Sancho?

"And then I told myself, why should I be the monkey when I can be the big bird behind the monkey?" 

The funny thing is, not a lot of people who know me ask this question. I think it's a given that anyone with a history of addiction has had "a monkey on their back," so no big mystery there, but it gets more complicated....

About a year ago, I was telling a friend how my deceased boyfriend Andrew Wood and I had almost purchased a spider monkey who we were going to dress up in little Elvis costumes. We wanted to name him Sancho. We never did get the monkey, but for some reason this was more hysterical than it had ever seemed before, and the Mother Love Bone song Andy wrote called "Half Ass Monkey Boy" made it even funnier. 

So many years ago and so much pain that has gone with the loss of Andrew...  for so many people... yet his music touched the lives of many, and that is of much comfort, but at this point over 20 years later, the slight insanity that has embraced me has made humor a number one necessity in my life, so 'Sancho' became sort of an alter ego.

About 6 months into deciding where to take this character that all our friends seem to immediately embrace, I started getting videos sent to me with the name 'Sancho' in them. Each one seems to represent his character in some way, and let's face it -- in film, tv, and writing, names are often synonymous with that person's character, so any name that is a classic street name, like 'Sancho,' Beto, Flacko, Pachuco, you get the idea -- there's a lot in a name, and also there is the fact that the word 'Sancho' has long been used as a word to describe someone who's sleeping with a married or taken woman. 

In the book Don Quixote, written in 1605 by Don Miguel Cervantes Saavedra, Sancho Panza acts as squire to him and provides comments throughout the novel, known as "sanchismos," that are a combination of broad humor ironic Spanish proverbs and earthy wit.  

The nature of the name has been passed on and continues to  embody the character of "Sancho." 

The now classic Sublime song

Then there's this epic Orgazmo scene 

As the videos and Sancho references poured into my email, I also came across this hilarious video

Xanaland's imaginary monkey Sancho has truly taken on a life of his own. What's next for Sancho's Adventures in Xanaland? Anything goes! We are thinking of everything from videos with claymation, animation, and maybe even a video game, because let's face it, there are never enough funny monkeys around, there is always room for one more, especially one with personality! 

So who is Sancho? I am Sancho! -when I misbehave. Whenever I or anyone for that matter is having a low willpower moment and does something reckless, that is Sancho! When your best friend sleeps with your wife, he is a Sancho!

 Luckily imaginary monkeys don't mess around with married women, so OUR Sancho will not be doing any home wrecking, but like all monkeys he is mischievous! 

Stay tuned for more of Sancho's Adventures and don't forget to subscribe! 

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