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Friday, June 7, 2013

Au Revior Bee Charmer! Seattle Gets One Last Chance To See The Walking Papers Jeff Angell Before Their Summer Tour

 There ares so many great musicians in Seattle right now, these decisions are never easy, deciding who to go see, ...but not tonight and not when it comes to Jeff Angel, hands down the best male singer/performer that I have seen in years.

Alas, our beloved Bee Charmer is hitting the road with The Walking Papers, * tour dates below * so if you are looking for something to do tonight and live in West Seattle you can check him out at The Feedback Lounge in West Seattle,  jamming out some R & B tunes. 

Also, as  special going away present from Xanaland, we will provide a free live stream,  quality is good, sound is great, and we are going to be providing this service to smart phones and with amazing resolution by the end of the year! 

 For tonight' Jeff Angell  show go to our " live performance " page on the main site, and simply wait for the magic to happen, ( should be 10:00 ish Seattle time ) this is free and if your reading this you already know no log in is required, so tell your friends,  be sure to subscribe so you will be in the know for similar upcoming events, and if your in the area, you better be there! 

I wanted to send Jeff off to Europe with a harmonica, and a custom made leather jacket with a special pocket for love notes from his honey bee, ( ask him the story, I stay our of other peoples love affairs, ever since that weekend in Havana with Weird Al ) My slave elves have been on strike though so the jacket will have to wait, who knows maybe by winter all of Jeff Angell's band members will be wearing threads by Xanaland! 

Here's a video we filmed of Jeff Angell with yet another band of his, The Missionary Position

The Missionary Position also features Benjamin Anderson and Michael Alex ( otherwise known as " Seattle's most adorable drummer, fact. Not opinion " . Watch the video, you'll see what I mean! )

Au Revior Bee Charmer! We'll have your harmonica ready by the next tour, until then here's a farewell song from your friends at Xanaland! 

For Walking Paper info: 

For Missionary Position info: 

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