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Monday, September 16, 2013

Hindu Mythology Just Got Sexy: Gods & Godesses Brought to Life in Amazing Photographs by Manjari Sharma

Mumbai-born and Brooklyn-based photographer Manjari Sharma’s new project Darshan (spotted via Huffington Post) takes a modern approach to a timeless Hindu cultural artifact. ”We may have seen paintings and sculptures used to illustrate Hindu deities all over the world,” Sharma explains. “However, it’s the use of a rarely explored medium like photography to culturally preserve the Indian heritage that lends a uniqueness to the project.” The result are large-scale productions that incorporated exhaustive research, extensive makeup and prosthetics, and a team of 35 Indian craftsmen.

Darshan will be on display at ClampArt in New York City until October 12. While you can see a few of the images here, we suggest checking out the actual exhibition, which Sharma describes as “a massive print installation in a museum that closely mimics the experience of a Hindu temple, complete with incense, lamps and invocations, accompanied by detailed texts about the mythological significance of that deity.”

Maybe Seattle will get lucky and the Frye Art Museum will pick up the show, a Hindu art show I attended in New Orleans in the 80's has live models dressed as Hindu God's and they played, of course Beatles music! 

I don't know if it's just me, but I'm getting Halloween costume brainstorm ideas! Leave your interesting or creative comments below! 

No, I did not forget your reading music....

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