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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Michael Hutchence's Passionate Lifestyle & Daughter Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily~In a Behind the Music Documentary and Upcoming Series

Stories we love and stories that make us sad often involve someone who was left behind after someone's sudden departure. I would love to hear firsthand from Tiger how her father's suicide/death and legacy as one of rock music's best front men has affected her life.

Michael's daughter Tiger about 2 years ago

Bob Geldof and Tiger Lily at a Chanel show in 2006

 Adopted by Bob Geldof, her life has been one of privilege and of a methodical removal from Michael's family as well as her mother Paula's family due to the unanswered questions regarding her father's death. That's a lot for a child in itself to grow up with, but that's just the beginning. Her mother also died from a heroin overdose -- not officially ruled as a suicide, but she had made prior suicide attempts. She lived what some say was a selfish and decadent life. Coming from show business parents, she married Bob Geldof and mothered 3 children of his. Simon Le Bon was the best man. Ironically, she met Michael on a show she hosted, The Tube, where she did interviews in a bed that was produced by Bob Geldof called "The Big Breakfast." 

Bob Geldof and Paula Yates' wedding with Simon Le Bon
as the best man. 

Michael Hutchence and Paula Yates with their newborn baby girl  
named 'Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily'

 It's surprising that the story has not been made into a movie, and a book from her would be interesting and healing to fans and friends who still see little good that came of his tragic life aside from the music. His story is tragic not only because of how he died, but because of the way he lived. Reckless when it came to alcohol, a head injury from falling in a drunken fight sent him into a depression. He'd lost his sense of taste and smell. This was not something fitting for someone who was said to be in a "constant state of sexuality."

It was hard for his family, friends, and fans to imagine him committing suicide. He was remembered to have commented on the suicide of Kurt Cobain, saying  "How could he do that, how could he leave his newborn baby daughter?" ...Tiger Lily was around a year old when Michael was found dead in a hotel room, hanged, possibly while performing erotic asphyxiation -- something that even in this liberal age people find hard to wrap their head around. 

Still, it's his uninhibited sexuality and presence that he is loved and remembered for. It's been said by male and female friends of his that when he was in the room, all of the attention was on him and if his eyes met yours, that meant he wanted you. Energetic, stylish, and irresistible, he was seductive to both men and women. He used his powerful sexuality to seduce his audience, singing about passion without restraint. A gift and a curse that ultimately left him alone much of the time eventually killed him.

This February,  Australia's Channel 7 will be airing a two-part INXS documentary, "Never Tear Us Apart." Longtime friend Bono has been involved in philanthropy regarding the estate of Michael Hutchence, so this should be interesting to say the least, as it's clear that many people seem to have emotions attached not only to his music but to the story of his life and death.

 Australian actor Luke Arnold channeling Michael Hutchence 

Actor Luke Arnold will channel Michael Hutchence in what's promised to be a tell-all mini-series of the "Australian Rock God," the band today, and the daughter he left behind. I commend Bob Geldof on raising Tiger with her three half-sisters. After all, he did raise 150 million dollars for Africa, a success for which he was knighted, making him an extremely philanthropic force of nature, and earning him the unofficial title of "saint."

 Speak to us from the grave, Michael, tell us you're in a better place where excesses are not needed, you are never alone, and there is only love for music and lust for life.

Here is the entire VH1 Behind the Music Documentary

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