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Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Mothership's Bright Side of Dim Lights Up Seattle

Photo by Hitch Hiker

This is thy hour O soul
Away from books, away from art 
and the day erased~the lesson done
Thee fully forth emerging, silent, 
Pondering the themes 
thou lovest best 
Night, sleep, death...and the stars 

Walt Whitman 

It was just another beautiful day in Xanaland, waiting for The Mothership to arrive. Long are the days and cold are the nights as we stargaze and dream of a less cruel world. 

On this planet, our home we call Earth... many of us wait for a sign of life from another planet.
One could conclude from this that life on Earth was somehow unsatisfactory. Your guess would be right. There just seems to be... too many of us.

It's laughable, really, since as a race we do not even fully accept each other, to think we'd accept beings from another planet. Yet every year we get closer and closer to making contact. And for what? Perhaps just another reason to look at anything but ourselves. 

As the sun set slowly to the west, I opened my eyes not to the stars, but to what is right in front of me. The Mothership has arrived from what looks to be our own glorious backyard. 

" Oh darkness~show me the bright side of dim, open my fragile eggshell heart,  feed my mind "   

This is not a show review or album review. Just an Earth girl's observation and an expression of gratitude to the band that makes so many people so very happy to call Seattle and planet Earth home. We indeed, are not alone. 

Please enjoy some music from out of this world. 

The Mothership is Johndus Beckman, Will Andrews, Ryan Thornes, and Paul Fraser. 
The Bright Side of Dim is available on

More on The Mothership and an exclusive interview coming soon....

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