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Monday, April 28, 2014

Out & About in The Emerald City ~ The Missionary Position, Amanda Hardy & a BBQ for Special Monkeys ~ It's All Part of My Rock & Roll Fantasy!

 Lilly Anderson " Lovechild 2.0 "

Indeed what a special weekend it's been! Not only did we get to see one of our very favorite bands in Seattle, The Missionary Position, but we hosted a BBQ for some of our special friends and asked several musicians to come and play an acoustic set.

Intisaar Jubran

For over two years since we have been filming and live streaming bands, we have had the idea to bring some of them into our home, feed them, and let them pick up some instruments and see what happens! We finally got our chance this weekend and it was delightful! 

Evan Lamberet....Stardog Champion in the making 

Old friends, new friends, children, and even a chihuahua got to enjoy some home cooked pulled pork, ribs, and some excellent music by some of the best musicians in Seattle. I definitely think some new friends were made and I know the musicians have some new fans who will be following their music from now on. When we started Grunge Story~Tellers it was always with the intention that it would someday be done live pretty much like MTV's Unplugged series. So this is a fantastic beginning! 

Amanda Hardy and photographer Stacey Albright

And the Amanda Hardy performance opening for The Missionary Position was just awesome! Hwy. 99 Blues Club Owner Ed Maloney made a special point to speak about how the local musicians and venues like his own have embraced these new young performers. Amanda's guitar player, Austin Cass, comes from a long line of music lovers and the entire family of Seattle musicians are anxiously awaiting Amanda's next move! 

Jefferson Angell of Walking Papers and
The Missionary Position 

As for The Missionary Position's performance... Forget about it! We don't call him "The Bee Charmer" for nothing! And it was extra special to see our friend and local guitar hero, JT Phillips, get on stage and jam with them! 

Please enjoy some videos of our weekend out and about in The Emerald City! 

Amanda Hardy 

J.T. Phillips performing 
with The Missionary Position 

Villains of Yesterday 
at Xanaland's BBQ 

A bunch of monkeys being silly 
at The Xanaland BBQ

And last but not least, some very 
special monkeys being 
honkey cats! 

Thank you to all my very very special monkeys! 

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