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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Watch Jefferson Angell via Free Live Stream Tonight * Saturday August 16th * at Duos Lounge~West Seattle

Don't panic, you crystal-wearing dreamers in Portland (you'll never be as cool as Seattle -- There, I said it!) Calm down, Bee Charmer groupies in France -- you know I got your back, it will all be okay -- We're also recording it -- special Italian monkeys... no need to stay up all night! But please do join us, Seattle, at DUOS Lounge in West Seattle for an evening with Jefferson Angell, dynamic front man of Walking Papers and The Missionary Position. There is so much one cannot be certain of in this life. So much that can go wrong to change your plans and outlook. One thing people that go see Jeff play know is that, on that evening, for that brief moment in time, nothing else in the world matters. He's good for you -- like soup -- like nothing bad. 

For those that cannot attend you can watch our live stream:

Free live stream provided for 
Shine Music Project by Streambox

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