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Monday, September 8, 2014

Watch Intisaar Jubran & Johndus Beckman via Free Live Stream Tonight~Wednesday September 10th~ at Seattle's Crocodile Cafe

Also known simply as 'Tess,' and lovingly nicknamed Lambchop here on Xanaland, Intisaar Jubran's acoustic shows are like being in a very mystical place somewhere very far form Seattle, almost into another time period -- and with her on cello is Natalie Mai Hall who also adds to the nostalgic feeling her music and singing bring. 

Intisaar Jubran and Natalie Hall this summer at 
The High Dive. Photo by Mandy Sue

But we do love our shenanigans here in Seattle too, so added to the lineup is Johndus Beckman of The Mothership,who never disappoints when it comes to adding humor and incredible energy to a live acoustic show. He simply opens his mouth. Lucky little monkey. 

Listen to John Beckman solo music!

Also performing is Alex Guy, who's performed with the Seattle Rock Orchestra -- a new face in the crowd that we're all looking forward to checking out

This is an all ages show at The Crocodile's back bar and cost is a measly $5.00! 

For those out of town, please tune into our FREE live webcast of the show right here on Xanaland's Live Performance Page 

Live Stream provided for Shine Music Project by Streambox

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