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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Watch The Mothership via Free Live Stream Tonight!

Last week Seattle hit another high note with a  sold out show at The Croc. for Walking Papers  and The Mothership. It was quite spectacular! To conclude this summer of amazing music and rounding off the last weekend of September, we are thrilled to have another night with The Mothership at The High Dive in Seattle's historic Fremont neighborhood. Think of it this way, would you pass up a chance to see Alice in Chains back in the day? Of course not! Would you have ever said, "Meh, maybe I'll go" to a Nirvana show back in 1988? Hell no! So why miss this? One of the best bands to come out of Seattle in the last 20 years -- if you're out of town, you can tune in to our Free Live Stream on our Live Performance Page right here on Xanaland. 

Although we plan on getting as much video as we can of the other bands -- Mercury Tree, Metameric, and Dead End Friend -- we are only committing to live streaming The Mothership due to power issues. 

Special thanks to Streambox for providing our non-profit Shine Music Project with free 
web casting so that everyone can enjoy
live music!

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