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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Watch Walking Papers & The Mothership via Free Live Stream From The Crocodile Cafe! September 19th

Jefferson Angell of Walking Papers 

The two most charismatic and dynamic frontmen of Seattle rock on the same stage in one night! This is really going to be something! This show IS sold out folks -- sorry about that, but Shine Music Project, our non-profit that aids in getting instruments for kids -- is happy to provide a free live stream for this event that anyone can watch on a computer or smart phone. Simply click HERE to get to our 'Live Performance' page. 

A bit about Walking Papers

It's been a heck of a ride for Jefferson Angell. Just back from touring with Walking Papers in Europe, he also works, raises a family... and still finds time for his other band, The Missionary Position, as well as doing solo shows. Also in "The Mish" is Ben Anderson, by far one of Seattle's most energetic keyboard players; he is a thrill to watch, boys and girls -- an original class act with a ready smile yet mysterious, a 'chap' rarely seen in these parts. Barrett Martin, or as I like to call him, 'Sir Barrett Martin,' is indeed royalty here in Seattle's music scene, from Mad Season to Skin Yard  to his own many solo projects -- it's a full time job keeping up with him. I think I'm behind in reading some of his articles, too, which can be seen here. Then there's "The Duffmeister." Who doesn't love Duff McKagan? Walking Papers are just barely scratching the surface of what's sure to be a long and fulfilling musical career. 

Johndus Beckman of The Mothership 

Who is The Mothership? 

I can't say enough good things about The Mothership. Their new CD is so good it makes me cry.... Have you ever seen a grown monkey cry? Not a pretty sight! Seriously though, this is the best hard rock band to come out of Seattle since the '90s. They got the half ass monkey boy frontman Johndus Beckman who merely opens his mouth and has his audience captive, their amazing and adorable drummer Will Andrews is one of the most envied and sought after drummers in Seattle, and bass player Ryan Thornes is so animated and fun to watch, it's almost shocking to see and realize he's actually a great singer as well. Same with guitar player Paul Fraser, whose writing is really exquisite for such a quiet guy -- it's always the quiet ones! Plain and simple, they rock! They also happen to be the nicest guys in the world, always supporting other bands, even joining them on stage, and making themselves fully accessible to friends and fans in Seattle and on social media -- sharing their music and themselves freely and honestly. It's refreshing and makes their music all that more awesome because we all feel like we know them a bit and can understand them on a real level and relate as well as be inspired. 

Johndus Beckman, Paul Fraser,
Will Andrews & Ryan Thornes

Special thanks to Streambox , Seattle's premier live streaming network for providing this free live stream. 

Concert teasers!

Walking Papers at The Croc 

The Mothership at The High Dive 

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