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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Chris Cornell and Tom Morello Set El Corazon on Fire! Here's The Whole Enchilada!

Chris Cornell and Tom Morello on stage at Seattle's El Corazon 

You all came here to get the big story, maybe expecting an open letter to The Mustache or even a Dr. Seuss-inspired poem about him (maybe for Christmas).  But you -- much like The Beatles, were wrong! I did, however, include my New Mexico Hatch green and red chili enchilada recipe just for kicks! 

 Chris Cornell joined forces with Tom Morello last Friday night at El Corazon in support of Seattle's 15 Now campaign. Here is a half ass monkey's view of the show, artistically pieced together for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy... and All Hail The Mustache!

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