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Monday, January 19, 2015

Bleed Together with Jar of Flies & Amanda Hardy~ Live at Hwy.99 Blues Club~Thursday January 29th

As a Rock & Roll Refuge of Seattle and 30 year veteran of the scene, I can tell you that both Bleed Together featuring Kathy Moore and Jar of Flies  have my official stamp of approval when it comes to covering Alice in Chains and Soundgarden-they do have it down to a fine art. Worded perfectly in Hwy.99 Blues Club's fabulous webpage-check out more HERE  and buy your tickets now! 

Amanda Hardy with Hwy.99 Blues Club
Owner Ed Maloney 

Opening up is Amanda Hardy a.k.a. "  Little Wing " -who has been nurtured by local musicans and applauded by many a Seattle rock legend for her perseverence and amazing singing ability for such a young age. We're happy to be part of the ride, Amanda! 

Very much looking forward to this show-and hope you all join us for a night of grunge flashbacks and great food and drinks at Seattle's bets blues and rock bar-Hwy. 99 Blues Club! 

Always remember, only a chode would let their friends drink and drive! 

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