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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Ayron Jones Colors Our World With Hope~An Acoustic Evening at Alki Beach's Celtic Swell

Anyone who has lived and followed music in Seattle knows that the rock-blues scene is nothing like what you would experience in, say, Chicago, New Orleans, or even Austin. What can we say, we love that grungy music! Our dark secret, though, is that we wish there were more blues cats around... more Hendrix-influenced guitar geniuses, and dare I say, more "color."

# Filthy- the hat says it all. 

Ayron Jones is the 'little wing' of our beloved Sir-Mix-A-Lot, who was astounded that a musician with this talent was floating around Seattle, seemingly unnoticed. His band, Ayron Jones and The Way, was quickly given the deserved attention and has since enjoyed the success of their debut album, 'Dream.'  They have played some historic shows, including opening for B.B. King last year as well as touring with one of my favorite  Seattle bands, Presidents of the United States of America.

 Still, with this under his belt, the confident but quiet man has managed to keep his humble beginnings close to his heart and has graciously played several small impromptu solo acoustic shows around Seattle. His style and the way he delivers it will knock your converses right off your feet. He's that good. 

Last night, I was lucky enough to finally catch one of them at Alki Beach's The Celtic Swell , a family-owned Irish Pub with a famed twin restaurant in the Pike Place Market: Kells. In Seattle, like many other music meccas, besides huge sell-out shows, secretly, our favorite thing is to see our favorite performers at small, quaint bars. That way, we can sit down and listen to our favorite performers while we graze on dark beer and great food! Hey, most of us are of Irish or European descent, so cut us some slack! Besides, we like our monkeys chunky. Well, at least I can speak for Sir-Mix-A-Lot on that, heh heh heh...

Below is the video I took last night. Sorry for all the background talking but people get really excited to see this guy and really excited about great Irish food!  To read more about Ayron's band Ayron Jones and The Way and see their history, tour schedule, i tunes link, store and more,  go to their web page and be sure to subscribe to his page so you can see where they will be touring in 2015. 

Thank you Ayron, for coloring my world. 
I am feeling the hope.

Ayron Jones at The Celtic Swell 

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