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Friday, March 20, 2015

A Sensitve Cat With A Dramatic Flair For Fashion Who Knows Himself Well~ 20 Questions with Singer-Songwriter Travys Starr

In the early 19th Century, Marcel Proust was given a questionnaire called "an album to record thoughts and feelings," also known as a "confession album."  At the time, it was popular among English families to assure that a man or woman was marriage worthy, bona fide if you will!
Written in 1890, it was discovered in 1924, and in 2003 auctioned for over 100,000 euros. 
The TV show The Actors Studio had their own version that the host would ask the actors live in the studio. And Vanity Fair's readers have long enjoyed the magazine's version of The Proust Questionnaire. It's fairly basic but gives you a glimpse into the minds of some of the most famous and respected people in the world. It is so popular that there is now an online version that you can take and compare your answers to everyone from John Waters to Eric Clapton. 
Their version is fairly basic, but a lot of fun to read, so when we were exploring creative ways to interview musicians, we realized with a little tweaking we could come up with an interview that was perfect. Where other publications fail, we will succeed by letting the monkey ask all the questions!
Travys Starr has been playing in bands in Seattle for many years. We met on social media and me and my team of monkeys have gone to see and film him many times. He plays solo shows and with his band The Kamikazies. 
1. What music makes you the happiest?
It all depends on my mood, but mostly it’s always music that is obviously showing the heart and soul of the one that wrote it.

2. What musician do you identify with the most?
As a guitar player, Jimmy Page. As a piano player, Elton John, and as a singer and lyricist, either Bowie or Andrew Wood

3. What musical talent do you wish you had or were better at?
I've always wished i was a better singer, and lyricist…
4. What is your most treasured musical possession or memoribilia -- autograph, etc.?
My first-run prints of Apple and Shine -- both by Mother Love Bone -- and my very first guitar, which I still own…. Many guitar players never keep the first one for very long…

5. What venue do you dream about playing at? 
It used to be Whisky a Go Go, until I played it…. Now perhaps Royal Albert Hall?

6. If you could bring back any musician from the dead, who would it be?
That’s a really hard choice. There are so many greats that are gone… and how would just having one of them back change the world of music now…? I’d say it would have to be a toss-up between John Lennon, Jim Morrison, and and Andy Wood.


7. What trait do you most deplore in other musicians?
Selfishness….most of us nowadays care only about ourselves, and not about the community we are part of.

8. What about in yourself?
Fear, fear of failure, fear of rejection

9. Who is your muse, the one or ones that inspire you?
The world, my life, my nightmares, my dreams… pretty much anything and everything.

10. Name one event in your life that made your decision to be a musician.
Picking up my first guitar. I was hooked right at that moment…. It was the best and worst thing that’s ever happened to me.

11. If you could change one thing about your
appearance, what would that be?
I'd fix my failing hair…

12. Who in your life has stood by you and 
supported your music the most/longest?
My mom and dad.

13. What is your current state of mind?
Mildly depressed and sad.

14. What phrase or word do you overuse the most?
I'm sorry.

15. What would you say your best moment as a musician was, on or off stage?
Recording a cover of one of my all-time favorite David Bowie songs.

16. What band or musician can you absolutely not listen to?
The Eagles or Rush.

17. What band or musician can you listen to over and over?
Led Zeppelin.

18. If you were not a musician, what trade or career would you choose?
I have no idea… I can't imagine not being a musician.

19. If you could be a fly on the wall at any moment in music history, where would that be?
The recording of the first Led Zeppelin album.
20. What song or songs will be played at your funeral?
In My Time of Dying by Led Zeppelin and Sister Morphine by The Rolling Stones.

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