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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Mike McCready's New Vinyl Label HockeyTalkter Records Rocks The Tractor Tavern! with Grace McKagan, Stereo Embers, Danny Newcomb & The Sugar Makers!

He just might be the happiest bass player in Seattle~ Rick Friel with Annie O'Neill 

Last week I was one of several people that in this busy and exciting music scene got to witness an intimate evening with some of Seattle's legendary musicians at a small offbeat Tavern in Ballard,Washington called the Tractor Tavern. The first band that played was The Pink Slips, fronted by Duff  McKagan's  daughter, Grace. In the last year or so that they've been together, they've played historic venues like Hollywood's Whisky a Go Go and even CBGB. She may be the daughter of a rock star, but  she's proved to be an enthusiastic and daring performer.

We talked for a few minutes before the show,  and as she put blue eyeshadow with glitter on her cheekbones and shoulders, she explained to me that it was her "Ode to Ziggy Stardust." I think it's safe to say she's been listening to the right kind of music!  I'm excited to see and hear more from this promising young singer. 

And for you that are unaware, the drummer in the band is Sean Kinney's nephew. I'm sure this kid has grown up admiring his uncle and listening to Alice in Chains since he was in diapers. It was really beautiful watching Duff watch his daughter on stage and Denise Kinney, his mother, watching him play drums. 

Keenan Bevans -- Bearing a striking resemblance to his uncle, Sean Kinney, he seems to have inherited his calm demeanor and drum skills as well

Check out the video here

Next up was Stereo Embers, fronted by Robb Benson, who I personally remember more from his '90s band "Mean Tangerine" than any other Seattle project he's been involved with, and there have been many. They were ahead of their time and had the support of Soundgarden and the Rooster. If it wasn't for some bad luck and mismanagement, they were definitely a band 'that in my eyes' never got the recognition they deserved! One thing for sure is Robb's voice has weathered many storms and he still sounds great. Stereo Embers also has one of the best guitar players in Seattle: Tim DeJulio -- and are one of my favorite live bands right now. 

Check out the video of Stereo Embers here

Next up was Danny Newcomb & the Sugar Makers, fronted by Danny Newcomb and with Rick Friel on bass and Annie O'Neill -- a great singer and performer in her own right -- singing backups. Their down-home style is rooted in some of the best music to come out of Seattle, and these seasoned performers are a joy to watch.  Truly having these wonderful, talented, and goodhearted people in Seattle and getting to see them often in a variety of projects is a real gift. Many of us not only know them from seeing them play shows, but have had the pleasure of having them as friends. In fact, to people like Mike, they are all pretty much family, so it's no surprise that these are the first bands to be featured on his new vinyl label,  HockeyTalkter Records.

See the video here! 

Next up was Mike McCready jamming with the Danny Newcomb band, even adding a female sax player for Jumping Jack Flash and surprising everyone with a Shadow song  (Mike, Danny, Rick & Chris Friel's first band in the early '80s).  They are just so damn fun to watch play! And they have all come so far as people and as musicians. 

At the end of the night, everyone was especially thrilled to hear his special announcement that his yearly "Flight to Mars" show, a benefit for Colitis and Crohn's Foundation, will take place early this year on May 1st and will feature Seattle's super hot band "Walking Papers" with Jefferson Angell, Barrett Martin, Ben Anderson and Duff McKagan. Pre-sale tickets can be purchased HERE 

Video with Mike McCready here

Until we hire more monkeys to film, we have to pick and choose our shows,and I was not about to miss Duff McKagan's LOADED on the next night -- even though the Hockey Talkter festivities continued at The Tractor the same night with Star Anna and The Young Evils. 

Here is my video of Duff McKagans LOADED

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