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Monday, July 27, 2015

West Seattle Welcomes School of Rock! Sign Up Your Kid for Lessons & Receive a Gibson SG Free From Shine Music Project! Better Hurry - We're Only Giving Away One!

With his rosy cheeks and Jim Morrison moves, a teenage boy takes the stage at Seattle's Vera Project. They've been practicing for a few months, and this location of School of Rock has been open less than a year, and already they are on the upswing with full classes for their children's music program, "Little Wing," and have completed their first live show, playing Pink Floyd's 'The Wall' in its entirety. 

The kids seem confident and excited; the parents and classmates there to cheer them on - enthusiastic and genuinely proud. For parents who love music, there's almost nothing more fun than seeing their kid play in a "real band" at such a young age.

 There is structure, there is mentorship, and there is clearly patience and childlike comradery between the teachers and the students. Owner Phil Gustavson is living out his dream right now of owning his own franchise after teaching and running another Seattle location for many years. He's like a kid himself - in jeans and Converses, his boyish good looks make him approachable and easy to talk to. His hand-picked staff are people that you can see love what they do. Teaching kids how to rock out! 

Wren & Mateo Mosley, who received a drum set from Shine Music Project and some free lessons from West Seattle School of Rock 

This spring, Xanaland's Shine Music Project gave a set of drums away. They were donated by local promoter Annmarie Champness. School of Rock helped with a generous check for $500.00 to pay for repairs and donated a gift of a free month of lessons for the lucky kid that received them, Mateo Mosley. His mom quickly signed him up for more classes along with setting him up in the family garage with practice space!

Here is a video of the song Mateo performed on 

Check out the whippersnappers! 

This worked out so well, and we're happy to announce that we're ready to give away another instrument! I don't believe in "contests" for kids, so here's what Shine Music Project  is offering: 

The guitar I have to give away is a Gibson SG. It's not new, not vintage - it's a '90s version. It's got some small modifications and needs about $20.00 worth of work and new strings, which I'm happy to pay for. I plan on taking it to American Music this weekend to get it ready to give away. What's required to receive it is to sign up and pre-pay for at least three  months of classes at School of Rock West Seattle. This is not in participation with them, this is simply my request. Scholarship programs are not available from them, as far as I know, since they aren't a non-profit school. The travesty is that a rich city like Seattle with such a unique and ongoing music scene tolerates the fact that music programs have been cut from many of Seattle's inner-city schools. The way I look at it, if your kid is at music lessons, he's not lazing around the house playing video games. He's not getting in trouble. It promotes so many good characteristics. Patience, comradery, tolerance. All in all, it's probably the best thing you could do for your kid. And it's something you can be involved in that's "cool!" Personally, I love going to the kids' shows. Something about these very young kids playing songs like Pink Floyd's 'Mother' just brings a little tear to my eye. I look around and see a young girl sitting on the side of the stage. She's looking up to the boy singing in innocent awe. I can't help but think, will she fall in love with a musician someday? 

School of Rock West Seattle Performing 'Mother' by Pink Floyd 

Again, this is not a School of Rock West Seattle offer; this is something I want to do. The guitar was given to me by a good friend and follower of Xanaland for a personal Go Fund Me, and seeing that it's a guitar, and that we've received so much help and support already, it just didn't seem right to sell the guitar for money. I just really want whoever gets it to be involved with this wonderful school. To me, there's nothing more important than music. 

Here is the guitar! 

Gibson SG black with nice fur-lined hard shell case.
Thank you to Geno Sawyer for giving this to Shine Music Project

Contact me here if you are interested:

School of Rock West Seattle has some great music camps coming up, so this is a perfect time to enroll! Some fun upcoming events include a Jimi Hendrix guitar workshop, movie night featuring 'Six String Samurai,' and a John Bonham workshop! 

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