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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

See Jeff Angell's Staticland with Ten Miles Wide at The Tractor Tavern!

At this point, I think its safe to call me a Jeff Angell fanatic. Thank goodness he knows that I'm in love with another monkey or he might be terrified of me! Still, I don't think anyone has written about or filmed him as much as me. Just call me lucky! 

The city of Seattle, the slums of Tacoma, and hell just about everyone who knows good music and is familiar with Jeff's music is really excited about his and Ben Anderson's new band Staticland

If you have your ticket to June 24th's show at Seattle's Tractor Tavern, then your a lucky monkey too! If not, well then boo hoo for you, its probably sold out. Don't quote me on that check HERE for tickets. And there will probably be some last minute tickets released at the door. Xanaland will possibly be live streaming this event as well, I have not decided if I want to do that or concentrate on being wowed by The Bee Charmer and just stand there with my camera in awe. 

Let us not forget that the opening band is probably the best grung'esque rock band to come out of Seattle in 25 years...(Jeff Angell is not grungy, so he's not included in this category you see ) They are called Ten Miles Wide ( previously The Mothership ) Their last album is so good it makes me cry. I say that all the time, get used to it. Jack Endino"  The Grunge Father ", Seattle's original grunge producer says of them " They don't suck ". Those are big words coming from Jack. Just because a band pays him to produce them, does not mean Jack " loves " that band. 

Listen for yourself! 

And I would like to think of the synchronicity in that I talk about both these bands a lot and have in a way brought them together, I guess I'm hoping that all of them had a big smile on their faces thinking of my reaction to them playing this show together. 

Jeff Angell's Staticland! 

Hope to see many special monkeys there, you know who you are! 

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