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Monday, June 13, 2016

Keeping Up With Kathy Moore! Seattle's Hottest Guitar Player Show Dates For June~July 2016 Including The Crocodile Cafe's 25th Anniversary With Barrett Martin

She came out of nowhere and now Seattle can't imagine music without her

Photo by Kandee McClelland  

Not only is she everyone's favorite female guitar player right now, but she also plays keyboard, sings, and teaches music as well. But not even I, one of her most loyal followers, can keep up with her and her many projects.I am pretty sure I will have to start doing this every month! June is really important though. The Crocodile Cafe has its 25-year Anniversary Party on the 17th of June - this is really going to be an amazing show. First, The Barrett Martin Band, who rarely plays out, will have some surprises. A lot of us who follow his many projects are hoping that his new project Levee Walkers featuring Duff McKagan and Mike McCready will be the "surprise guest." Either way, I definitely think Duff McKagan will make a quick appearance and most likely with Kathy on guitar. Read more about Levee Walkers HERE.

Barrett's other band, the drum-based jazz band Tuatara (featuring Mad Season sax player Skerik) is such an erotic and out-of-body experience. They will be celebrating the release of their first DVD, but better than try to describe them, here see for yourself in this video I took at The Seamonster! 

Barrett Martin in Tuatara at The Seamonster 

Also opening are Vaudeville Etiquette, who I love love love, and who are on Barrett's label Sunyata. Their second CD is coming out very soon, and rather than trying to elaborate on their fun and original style, why not see for yourself! I took this video at The Sunset Tavern in Ballard a couple of years ago; Barrett joined them on drums and they rocked the house with this Fleetwood Mac cover! 

Vaudeville Etiquette with Barrett Martin at The Sunset Tavern

For $30.00, this is the best night of music you will see possibly all summer! Diverse, sexy, and best of all - Kathy will be playing! For more on this show, here is the Facebook page on THIS EVENT. To go straight to the Croc's ticket page, click HERE

Kathy Moore, if she's not in your band... you probably wish she was!

For a night you will also never forget, The Triple Door hosts Grace Love's "Journey Through Sex, Drugs, Rock & Soul, " backed by her choir "The Dirty Dozen" on June 25th.

 This is a one-woman musical but will feature some of Seattle's finest musicians, including Kathy Moore. I wonder if they know how lucky they are to have this busy woman with so many projects - I have to write a blog just to remember all her shows! The Triple Door is a sit-down theater, cameras are not allowed (unless arrangements have been made - just a heads-up for my photographer friends), and they serve amazing food made by The Wild Ginger. Tickets are $27.00 and selling fast. To get a table or standing room ticket, click HERE.

You may want to start a savings account to make sure you can go to all her shows!

The next show Kathy plays is on the 26th at The Seamonster. This is a free show. Sing it Live with The Blood Moon Orchestra is "a night of improv, harmonizing, on-the-spot songwriting and jamming." In other words, you won't see this twice, like all the late-night jams at The Seamonster. 

This will be one of those shows that if you miss it, well you just miss it! I will try my hardest to make it and get video, maybe even live stream - which I heard The Seamonster is dabbling in themselves - so if there's a link to do that for you unlucky out-of-towners, I will post it on Xanaland's Facebook page that night. Another great local band that Kathy jams with occasionally, Cracker Factory, does a yearly John Lennon tribute show and benefit. Here's a video we took of her and R.L. Heyer of Cracker Factory covering The Beatles 'I Want You (She's So Heavy).' If you watch this and still miss going to see at least one Kathy Moore show then boy do I feel baaaad for you! 

Kathy Moore & RL Heyer performing 'I Want You (She's So Heavy)' 

Kathy Moore at Flight to Mars 2016
Mike McCready's Yearly Benefit Concert for Crohn's & Colitis Foundation 

We love featuring other local photographers - please go check out Hall Z Photography's page and be sure to "like" their page!  

And finally, on July 1st, she plays with Electric Circus which is the music of Sly Stone, Sun Ra, & Miles Davis at The Royal Room. What's really cool about The Royal room is for one thing it was designed for musicians, it has a wonderful large room with plenty of seating and a great stage with a baby grand piano, and the staff is unlike a lot of grouchy bartenders in Seattle, made up of genuine nice people, so nice they don't even have a cover charge. They have a 'suggested donation' box, and all the money goes to the musicians. How cool is that? There are almost 20 musicians participating in this "circus" so there won't be a dull moment! To read more about this show, and get directions to The Royal Room, here is the Facebook event page - click HERE.

To go straight to The Royal Room's web page click HERE.

They also serve fantastic food, so save your appetite! 

Kathy also plays with The Guessing Game and Thaddilac - two other extraordinary Seattle bands that keep The Emerald City beautiful, interesting, and alive. Please check out their Facebook pages to see upcoming shows, or check in with us here in a month - I'm sure we'll have lots more Kathy shows to talk about!

Because as Bowie would say.....

Want to learn more about Kathy Moore? Check out our 20 questions interview with her HERE

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