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Friday, June 10, 2016

Tonight Go See School of Rock West Seattle Performs ' The Best of the 90's~Live Show at Seattle's Historic El Corazon!

There are a lot of live shows in Seattle, but you'll never see anything like a School of Rock show! I just cant say enough about how amazing it is to watch these whippersnappers playing music! 

Here's a video form a show a couple of months ago~ 

School of Rock West Seattle kids performing David Bowie 

If your thinking to yourself, " I wish my kids we're involved in music more " then this just might be the thing your looking for.

The kids that get involved in this school, learn way more than how to play drums or a guitar, they learn camaraderie and they learn the importance of patience and they learn history of so much more than music. This particular school is owned my someone who has in his own life overcome incredible obstacles like recovering from a horrible accident that almost killed him. He's one of the good guys!

Phil Gustavson
owner School of Rock West Seattle 

The staff at School of Rock West Seattle is a small group of hands on singers, teachers, and musicians who are supremely talented and most of all giving with their time and have an inept ability of getting these young kids to come together and re-create for just a moment some of the songs we all grew up listening to.

 There is really no better thing your kids could be doing with their summer than getting involved with this school. There's some summer sign up specials too! 

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