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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Watch Joel Eggert's Memorial Service at Slim's Via Live Stream

There are so many people whose lives were touched by Joel. He stood next to me filming and live streaming many times at shows in Seattle. He would definitely want us to do this; we also filmed and live streamed Joel and Amy's wedding a few years ago. 

So,  I contacted my stream support company and said "Make it so!" They were happy to help. This piece, written by Joel's family, describes him best. I will be writing a follow-up piece on him, and making a video of photos of him at a later time - probably after this event - so I can include photos from the memorial, and I will be filming all of this so it will be up on our YouTube channel within a few days after the memorial. 

Here is the write-up from his family, posted in the West Seattle Blog~

A celebration of Joel P. Eggert's life is now set for December 18th, one week from today, starting with a memorial ride. His friend Jamie Burton Chamberlin shares the details tonight, after this remembrance:
(continue reading on West Seattle Blog - much thanks to WSB for covering this) 

To watch the memorial via live stream, click HERE on Sunday December 18th at noon. I will try to stream as long as I can; sometimes Wi-Fi issues make the page go out, but I will be watching it closely, and usually you just have to reload the page. For any other questions please email me at

Very special thank you to Streambox Live 

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