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Friday, July 28, 2017

Celebrate Layne Staley's Birthday with Sky Lantern's & A Beach Bon Fire on Alki Beach This Summer ~Sunset August 20th 2017

One thing that has become clear over the years, is that the traditions surrounding the yearly celebration of Layne's life and music have attracted friends, fans, and family from near and far. Not everyone is able to make it to the Seattle Center Fountain and meet up with the others who have carried on this tradition for many years. So this year, a few of us have decided to meet at Alki Beach on this coming Sunday the 20th. This will be the last day many of the people that come every year are here, and since the shows tend to be hectic, this will also be a more quiet peaceful reflective time for people to sit and talk and say goodbyes to each other as well, since many people coming to Seattle this weekend will not be back until next August. 

Seeing these go up in the air and being joined by our love of Layne's contribution to music will also give us time together that some of us have not had, to have a moment of prayer for Chris Cornell.

I will be bringing some air lanterns, and you are welcome to bring some too, to light up for anyone you have lost or want to remember on this day. 

Last year we did this, and didn't really organize it or invite the public, so I figured we could try to make it more open this year. I am open to changing the time and date as well, seeing as how the fountain event and other shows are all very special to so many people. Contact me via email to let me know if you are coming and I will post any updates about the time and date here. 

UPDATE~ We will be meeting at 8 p.m at 52rd and Alki Beach Blvd. across from Xana's. Bring your geetar if you like. We will be bringing a fire pit and wood and the sky lanterns. 

Email Xana @ for any other questions or directions. 

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