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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Happy Holidays from Seattle!

I took this photo of the Space Needle at about 6 a.m. a few years ago from upper Alki Beach in West Seattle. At the time, I was not living on Alki Beach. This will be my 6th Christmas in West Seattle and my second living on Alki. I could not be more grateful for all the friends and followers of Xanaland that help me afford to live in one of the most beautiful areas on this Earth. I wish all my friends and family lived here! 

My dad finally got to see this view last Christmas last year, the same day my daughter gave birth to a beautiful little girl. I think were pretty close to convincing him to move here. My mom lives in Mukilteo, another beautiful little spot, and my sisters and brother who live here are thriving and doing great things in their life. Having kids of their own, and all have graduated from college. 

Her name is Aloha Nani, and I am amazed at what a good 
mom and dad my daughter and her husband have become at such a young age. She's a happy baby, always smiling and giggling, I think I have only heard her cry once for a few seconds! 

Here she is a few days ago on Thanksgiving Day. 

I wish every friend, family person, and follower on Xanaland a safe and peaceful holiday season! Every day I am in awe of the love I receive from people near and far. It really goes to show you that dreams do come true! 

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from your friends at Xanaland! 

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