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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Happy New Year from Beautiful Seattle! A Collection of Our Best of Photographs & Live Music Videos from 2017

Photo by Xana La Fuente 
C @ 

I normally put together a video of all of my favorite photos of  friends and people at shows, which I will do again very soon-for now I wanted to share a few memorable photos and live videos to remind people why I ask them to subscribe to the blogs and to OUR YouTube channel. I may not be Nancy Guppy and have my own show and crew, I'm only one girl with a 5 year old camera, but I think I do okay!  Thank you to our subscribers as we celebrate over 6 million combined views going into 2018~ Enjoy and Happy New Year 

Shawn Smith & Friends performing Elton John's Someone Saved My Life Tonight 
live at The Royal Room 

The wildfires in Canada in the summer of 2017 gave the Seattle water a pink hue and the heat was exhausting. I captured this couple cooling off at sunset on a kayak 

Ayron Jones blew us away with a new song at Barrett Martin's book signing ' Stand Up ', he's such an amazing human! Lives about 2 blocks from me on Alki Beach. 

Tranquil Alki Beach at sunset 

A night shot from Vashon Island actually taken the winter before so about 2 years ago, I just recently found it on a old SD card 

I call him The Bee Charmer, you all can keep calling him Junior 
Everything he touches turns to sexy, its that simple! 
Jeff Angell with Barrett Martin Group live at KEXP 

About one year ago today on Alki Beach , I believe its an annual sail boat event 

My fiance sitting on beach drive while I take sunset photos from the Jeep. I'm very lucky to live where I do, and have this second chance at happiness. In 2018 I hope to find some balance and live much healthier and be a better friend and sister to my siblings and also I hope to get my dad moved here from New Mexico 

Charo the Taco Loving Boyfriend Stealing Chihuahua! She is really something else. This little dog has been my rock for 5 years now. I do not know what my life would be like without her. She never barks, has a funny personality ~does dances to get treats, and could walk from Seattle to Tacoma if you let her! Loved by all my friends and family, Charo you are my shining star! 

me sleeping with Charo 
photo by Geno 

Geno my purple aura magic love monkey! Such a sweet man, I really am the luckiest girl. 

Okay enough bragging, here is another great show we filmed, Ten Miles Wide, Seattle best rock band at the moment -fact, not opinion-live at Amazon campus performing Soundgarden's Rhinosaur 

Listen to their Full CD from 2017 here: ( a friends channel, please go to Bandcamp to BUY! ) 

I will be adding to this post, stay tuned for my end of the year video of all the best out & about pic's  plus lots more videos you may have missed and even a few unpublished ones! 

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