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Saturday, June 30, 2018

See Walking Papers Tonight at Plunge Music Festival at Seattle's Historic Triple Door Theater with The High Children, Trio Abaraka , 12 Foot Breed & Paul Filinson

About Walking Papers

I've been writing about and promoting Walking Papers for so log, that my original blog on them now has what is called ' link rot ' which is when the photos or other visual content of your article disappears. I thought just now as I was about to connect the link to this " Well this is embarrassing " but now that I think about it, what it really means is that they have had these past few years to grow, evolve and change, and they have in so many ways, and in all that time their audience has grown as well. 

Jeff started another band Staticland with his piano/ keyboard player Benjamin Anderson that had some great songs and did a successful European tour. He and Ben are musically inseparable and that is the glue that has held Walking Papers together. 

photo by Ernie Sapiro

The star power of Duff McKagan as the bass player was nice, and Barrett Martin's drum playing, it's fantastic, anyone who hears him play cannot deny his talent. But what Jeff's bleeding heart down in the dumps lyrics really needed was a drummer with heart, and they found it in long time friend and local drummer for another amazing band Ten Miles Wide, Will Andrews. 

photo by John Bamlett
Barrett actually gave the kid his blessing. Barrett himself has evolved and is now focusing on his drum based jazz group Tuatara. And Duff, well I'm not sure if you can call going back on the road with Gun's & Roses ' evolving ' but I'd rather be exploring new music and something entirely different, if that's where his heart is then good luck to him, you couldn't pay me to go to a GnR show today! 

This will be Walking Papers 1st Seattle show with this lineup so we who know the music and have followed Jeff & Ben and  their other band The Missionary Position, are really excited for this show tonight! Gregor Lothian was Missionary Positions sax player and he's now a full time member of Walking Papers. 

photo by Ernie Saprio

About Plunge Music Festival 

The more I hear about this group of people and what they have accomplished in such a short time, the luckier I feel to have been asked to take video for this tonight. In a nutshell, they get clean water to people in third world countries. It's unbelievable that in 2018 we are still seeing situations w there there are larger areas with people suffering like this with no clean drinking water. The money that the government spends on military and well lets just all agree that there could be more done about this! I'm honored to know this small but fierce network of people who have taken this matter into their own hands and in such a creative way by raising money through music events. You can read more about Plunge HERE

Okay I'm not going to pretend to like hip hop ha ha ha but hey I am open to all music, here is a bit of The High Children, I'm sure this will be fun to see live! 

The Triple Door is a great venue to experience a show with a variety of acts because it's set up is so comfortable, be sure to save your appetite too, the food is amazing! 

Did I mention that there will be trapeze artist from I can see myself ordering a drink and dessert watching this and thinking " I'm so glad I got off my couch and came out tonight " ! 

Only a few tickets left! 

Buy tickets HERE!

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