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Sunday, October 11, 2020

Caitlyn Jenner, a Longtime Republican, Revoked Support for Trump Long Ago, and She's Only One of Many. But Let's Look at Who's Still in the Brainwashed Category

 Well of course she supports Trump-she's blonde now! 

"4 those who wonder-back in the day when I was called a 'liberal' by journalists, I used to answer-'I'm not a Liberal, I'm a radical' & I still am-I voted Trump 2 shake up the status quo & the staid establishment," Barr tweeted in December

It's pretty despicable, but here's what she said: Barr appeared contrite but not deterred: she was sorry for the jobs on her show that were lost. She saw, in the fullness of time, that calling someone the bastard offspring of the Muslim Brotherhood and an ape might be construed as a little racist. But if you think you have hit the hard-stop of her hooligan offence-giving, you would be wrong: she also thinks George Soros is a “Nazi who turned in his fellow Jews to be murdered.” It’s a bizarre charge to make of a man who evaded the Nazis at the age of 13 and has fought fascism ever since, but when your weather cock is resolutely set to “anything a liberal might disagree with”, the side-effects can be unfortunate. Before you know it, you believe Hillary Clinton began a paedophile ring and used children on pizzas in place of pepperoni. Or something … it must be true, because CNN isn’t covering it

Read more on the Queen of Karen's racist thoughts spewed out of her gross fat mouth. Yes, I just said that. It's my blog, I can call her what I want. 

I want to talk about Caitlyn Jenner though. Well some may consider ' her ' a champion for the transgender community, let's be real. She's a jaded man who thought as soon as she had a vagina, she would land a big hunky black guy like all his step daughters.  HE IS JADED. And confused in so many ways. 

Jenner says Trump is setting the trans community back ‘20 years.’ She is finally waking up to the damage many transgender people saw coming far, far earlier.

Well folks, it's getting down to the last few weeks. So I ask you the most important question you should ask yourself...please read this old but profound article about Jenner's confusing on and off again support of Trump. The funny thing is, I bet a million bucks she ends up voting for him again. Why? Because " she " is a drama queen wanna be! 

  Read the full article HERE

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