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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Scientist Say There is Proof That Trump is " The Devil "

 I never thought I'd see the day when true evil would win over good. It is indeed a time to really make your peace with God. 

I am going to have to say goodbye to some friends soon that I simply can't have in my life, if Trump wins again. I literally don't think he will accept it if he's told he lost. The ego, and the pure and in your face narcissism is mind boggling. 

I knew there was still a lot of racism in the world, but this asshole is just too much. He's rude, he's ugly,  his kids are little assholes like him. They are all obviously getting paid for some B.S. job on taxpayers money. 

And what the hell has he done in 4 years? 
See, the mistake you Trumpers make is thinking that it's liberal lefts that hat him. No, I am pretty darn conservative. But I know a liar when I see one. 

It's not about loving Biden either, it's just that Trump cares about no one but himself. He thinks he's God. He isn't though. He's the DEVIL. 

Just remember, if he wins, it's not just those racist assholes who's stupid street name I won't even repeat -that will want to see and will cause civil unrest. There are no winners, because there is so much hate. HE has cause SO MUCH HATE. 

More thoughts on this later, I need to go walk on the beach and eat some tacos....

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