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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Studies Show That Men Who Tested Positive Covid-19 Are High Risk for Impotence, Other Sex Malfunctions

 study shows Covid has a huge affect on men's sex drive and performance ability 

Well, this is truly tragic, I wonder how Trump is fairing. Of course, he's more prone to just " grab a woman by the pussy " -essentially admitting to being a  perpreterator  of  sexual assault 


Coronavirus warning after study suggests COVID-19 could do this to men's sexual health

CORONAVIRUS throws up new insights seemingly on a daily basis, as scientists track the spread and impact of the pathogen as it infects populations. A new study investigating the effects of the virus on male sex hormones suggest it could lead to sexual health problem in men. A new study has shed further light on the effects of the coronavirus on men.

Blood samples from Covid-19 patients in a small-scale study indicate what could be a testicle malfunction.

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