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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Fugitive Friday: High Risk Sex Offender Flees Probation in Arizona Last Seen in West Seattle

CURRENT PHOTO OF THOMAS ROCKAFELLOW HE IS A KNOWN METH ADDICT, USES NEEDLES, SO APPROACH WITH CAUTION Court paperwork says Rockafellow is a high-risk level three sex offender Hello resident's of West Seattle! I have had this blogsite and online magazine with over 9 million views since 2012. My main blog is Grunge StoryTellers. I have been working on other businesss ventures, and have noit been in a writing mood so I have literally not written on here for almost 9 years. I tried to share this information with West Seattle Blog, but apparently this wasn't important enough that they felt it the community deserved to know about it. In fact THEY and their determination to control the narrative, are what inspired me to start up the old blogsite again. So, watch out because we are BACK! That all being said, , I do not want this to be a reacurring theme on our beautiful blogsite & online magazine. This is important though so here it goes. Also, please excuse any typo's etc blogger tempelate has changed and I'm going have to get used to it's new format. So it's come to our attention that this person has been parked in his Rv for month's next to Salty's and is involved in the alleged theft ( I say alleged to be fair, however we have received videos of him and several other people with what looks to be over 30 expensive electric bicycles in their possession. All in various states of being repainted etc. The couple seen with him taking apart the bikes drive a dark green RAV 4 It was only after a writer on this site informed us about his interaction with the group and what he went through trying to get his bicycle back, did we even learn his real legal last name, as the license plates on the RV which turns out are STOLEN. Chances are he is someplace withim driving distance to the folks in the green RAV 4, as they are " business partners " in the selling of lithium batteries that they bust out of rental bikes and scooters. This is on some of the video we are in possession of.
RV WITH TOM'S MOM WHO'S FACE HAS BEEN COVERED OUT OF RESPECT The stolen plates were taken off a Honda. ( DMV confirmed that car was reported to have had it's Wash pates stolen ) If you see this person or a dark green dilapidaded RAV 4 ( Wash plates on the RV are also apparently stole, please message us at email on botton for plate numbers ) The driver of the RAV 4 -we know his full name, but since he is not wanted we are leaving his name out of this story, for now. Please note that the RV, which ironically is the exact same RV they use in Breaking Bad, a late 80's BOUNDER, has not been seen at Salty's for a few weeks. Tom has connections to Olympia, Wash. Chelan where his son lives, he has a sister who lives in Wash state as well. His mom has since passed away. She is mentioned in the below section which is via ABC affiliate out if Arizona.
RV WHEN IT WAS PARKED NEXT TO SALTY'S ON HARBBOR The story reads: Wanted: Thomas Wayne Rockafellow Charges: Probation violation on an original charge of failure to register as a sex offender. Thomas Wayne Rockafellow was convicted in California in 1997 of exhibiting a minor for pornography. He was sentenced to three years in prison and given lifetime probation. He came to Arizona in 2012, but after his initial sex offender registration, he failed to update his address after moving. Last year, he was caught, convicted and sentenced for failure to register as a sex offender. He was sentenced to 6 monMCSO says a jail conversation Rockafellow had with his mother indicated his intention to flee upon his release from jail. Rockafellow is 55 years old. He stands 5' 10” and weighs 160 pounds. He has greying brown hair and blue eyes. If you know anything about his whereabouts, please contact Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS. You can also contact Crimestoppers online at Crime Stoppers USA ALSO PLEASE EMAIL US IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS * HERE IS ORIGINAL STORY. BLOGGER SURE IS A MESS NOW. I WENT TO FIX TYPOS AND ADD LINK TO THE ORIGINAL STORY, AND NOW IF YOU LOOK AT THIS ON A LAPTOP OR HOIME PC IT HAS THIS OVERLAP SAYING AWESOME INC THEME. WEIRD! IT'S OVER THE PAGE VIEW SECTION WHICH BY THE WAY EVER SINCE i POSTED THIS THIS PAGE HAS HAD OVER 300 VIEWS. THAT MAKES ME HAPPY! YOU WILL HAVE TO COPY PASTE THIS :